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One click issue reporting for busy doctors and nurses.

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About Us


STAT Ticket was originally developed by hospital systems admins 10 years ago who realized one of the biggest challenges facing IT departments was the lack of useful feedback "from the field" either because end users were often too busy to report problems or didn't remember how because it's not (or shouldn't be) something that is practiced frequently. After all, how can you ask a nurse to fill out a web form to report a bad keyboard while holding a crying 2 day old patient?
   The second challenge was, even though well meaning, end users took the time to fill out the help desk web form they sometimes omitted valuable troubleshooting information or mistyped a name, model, or cryptic error message.

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What We Do

Easy. Fast. Secure.

This is the minimum effort necessary to send a STAT Ticket to the Help Desk or any other department or person "listening" for relevant tickets. User entered comments are often unnecessary if the on screen error is self-explanatory. This simple feature is why STATTicket is so popular with end users and why adoption is several times greater than web based issue reporting.


"STAT Ticket reduces the psychological cost for clinicians and nurses to report an issue."

Steven Cho - Help Desk

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